Saturday, July 12, 2014

Florist in Bryan, TX Helps in Decorating the Yard for Summer Parties

Of course, your other d├ęcor has to be complementary to the flowers. Hang festive banners for fun and laidback parties or multicolor lanterns for whimsical events. Use votive candles to light up romantic celebrations. Place matching tablecloths or runners and place settings, as well. Decorating with potted plants like peace lilies or an exotic bromeliad is advisable in the warm weather, since cut flowers may not be able to last as long. Alternatively, a creative Bryan, Texas florist like Nan’s Blossom Shop can make and deliver arrangements that are resiliently beautiful, suitable for the season, and fitting for the occasion.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Creative College Station Florist Can Perk up Your Summer Parties

Almost everyone looks forward to summer for its longer days, warm nights, and numerous festivals including good old backyard barbecue cookouts. It’s the season for all kinds of fun activities and events, which celebrate the good times and the continuous presence of the sun after the long winter days. Inviting friends and family for some great bonding time is one of the best ways to make merry during the dog days of summer. Loop some Christmas lights around various foliage in your backyard and hang up colorful tissue poms for that fanciful, quirky ambience. Summer celebrations are centuries-old festivals and adding quaint elements in the yard give off an out-of-the-ordinary vibe.