Friday, August 8, 2014

How Florists in Bryan, TX Help Locals Choose Get-Well-Soon Flowers

It’s hard to imagine tulips growing in the warm-climate state of Texas, but locals can depend on a florist in Bryan, TX to provide them with these. Tulips are mostly associated with spring which signifies a new beginning, making them ideal as get-well-soon flowers. The colors that these flowers come in is as many as the colors of the rainbow, but the bright yellow and soft pink ones will certainly be appreciated by those feeling a bit under the weather. Lilies These flowers give off a refreshing smell that people in recovery will likely welcome. They come in a wide variety, and each has its own perks to offer. Stargazer lilies, for one, are delicate to the touch, making them irresistible to anyone in bed rest.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A College Station Florist Can Supply Flowers for a Marriage Proposal

Just like dresses, accessories, and shoes, there are certain kinds of flowers that complement a woman’s personality. For instance, daisies go well for women who are sweet and cheerful, while calla lilies will certainly be appreciated by women who exude poise and elegance. Ladies with a quirky and creative side (think Zooey Deschanel in “New Girl”) will love poppies. Giving flowers is an age-old romantic gesture, and a marriage proposal accompanied by flowers will certainly be more romantic. Of course, guys have to pick the right flowers first. In addition, they have to make sure the bouquets are carefully arranged, and this is where they can use the services of College Station florists like the ones from Nan’s Blossom Shop.